No Naga political solution without AFSPA repeal, NSCN warns GoI

2021.12.09 07:17 lambsauce316 No Naga political solution without AFSPA repeal, NSCN warns GoI

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2021.12.09 07:17 rwgular_rgby How can I solve this complex number questions, I've been stuck since forever, what steps should we do first, any help would be appreciated :)

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2021.12.09 07:17 TweetArchiveBot Bronaldo Gouws 🇿🇦: @MrsBiddul Oh I am sorry, should I continue to talk about something I already have dealt with?

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2021.12.09 07:17 chrisix6 It needed 109 chapters for the real protagonist to appear. What a beast!

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2021.12.09 07:17 ZoolShop Nasa’s new space telescope and its search for extraterrestrial life | podcast | Science

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2021.12.09 07:17 JapanTraveller44 Just finished the game, need some answers

Hi! Just finished the game for the first time (return ending), and I still have some unanswered questions. I also would appreciate if you recommended some lore videos (not VaatiVidya, don't like that guy). So here are my questions:

  1. Who is Lady Butterfly, and why does he attack Wolf? Is she a partner to Owl, and/or foster mother to Wolf?
  2. The game starts after the attack on Hirata Estate, when Wolf believed that Owl died, Kuro was kidnapped, and he was backstabbed (I presume by Owl himself), but how does Wolf get to the bottom of the reservoir?
  3. What was Wolf not doing beside Kuro at the time of the attack on Hirata Estate? I thought Owl ordered him to serve Kuro, and protect him at all times.
  4. What happened to Tomoe and Takeru? They can't have been gone for long, as they were around when Genichiro and Emma were youngechildren. They couldn't end the Dragonrot as they didn't have a Mortal Blade (if I understand it right).
  5. Where did Genichiro get his Mortal Blade, the black one?
  6. About the endings, in the Purification ending, it is mentioned that Wolf must kill himself, as he is the last one with the dragon's blood (after Kuro is purified), but in the Immortal Severance ending, only Kuro dies, meaning Wolf still has dragon's blood, right? So the Dragonrot will still continue?
  7. In the Return of the Dragon ending, the Divine Child absorbs Kuro/the Immortal Dragon?
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2021.12.09 07:17 venox3def MOASS _ ORDER TYPE _ MUST WATCH HIS VIDS!

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2021.12.09 07:17 Tomodachi7 Theo Von interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr

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2021.12.09 07:17 Bulky-Ad-4239 I (18F) don't know what to do after my first date with my crush (17M)

Hi, I (18F) recently had my first date with a guy (17M), but it wasn't an official "date". We're both filmmakers, so we were talking about a movie that was recently showing in the theaters and I told him that "If he wants, we can go to the film the same day" and he agreed. So I was the one who proposed going together and mentioned the film in the first place. The morning of that day he texted me and made sure that I was coming. When I went to the theatre, he had already bought the tickets for both of us and we sat next to each other during the film. After the film, we talked a bit about the film while we were walking and he asked me how I was going to return home. I said with the bus but he didn't walk me to the bus station. He turned left towards his home when we arrived at the turn and just said a simple "See you". Also, while we were walking I mentioned that there's a really good burger place down the street and I was going to eat something from there. I could've just said, "Do you want to eat something together?" but I panicked and this was what came out of my mouth. He said that his family was waiting for him at his house otherwise he would join me. Then we PASSED that burger place while walking and I didn't buy anything. So it was a very awkward situation.
The thing is, I really like this boy. I never had a boyfriend before and I don't know how to act. And as far as I know, he didn't have a girlfriend before either. We are not very close because we met this year and only saw each other four times (including this "date") and only got to have a proper conversation once (when he asked me to have dinner with him and his friend after a film event). So I think it's better and healthier if we don't rush and move slowly. But I also fear that he's not interested in me and just wants to be good friends.
I am an overthinker unfortunately and I only have one friend to talk about these things and I wanted to hear the opinions of other people, especially guys, about this "date". Do you think this burger thing ruined the date and ruined my chances with him? Do you think he came to the movies with me just because he is nice and wanted to be a good friend or is there a chance that he's interested in me? I never sensed him feeling a romantic attraction. towards me, but he's a teen boy and teen boys usually think about these things. Do you think a 17-year-old teen boy might not think about romantic or sexual attraction at all when he's at the movies with an 18-year-old girl? Or do you think he senses that there's romantic tension between us? Or is he completely blunt to this? Also, I was the one who initiated this date, so should I text him for the second one or should I wait?
I know these questions might require some more background context about me and him, but that's all I can provide. I hope that guys out there who are more experienced than me can reply to my questions and educate me more about how teen boys think. Thanks!
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2021.12.09 07:17 Bolyki [UK] Computer Desk for 55’ screen

Hey guys,
Will be moving house and I would like to change from having a TV desk for my PC.
I have a 55’ OLED TV as my gaming monitor and would like to get a desk and chair for it.
Any suggestions? I’m UK based and I can go up to £150. I don’t need anything sick, but mainly a big flat desk to put my keyboard and TV on it. Preferred to be wood like pine but metal is fine.
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2021.12.09 07:17 Dovah_Nazgul Code:net every single match and even in the lobby

I just bought the Escape battle pass and immediately Apex glitched and gave me a code:net. After I got back in the game I started playing matches trying to get points for the event and every single match I play I’m lagging and getting Code:net. I’ve checked my internet and it’s fine and can even play other games no problem, it’s only Apex doing it.
Why is apex giving me Code:net every single match I play and sometimes even in the lobby?! Apex is basically unplayable for me right now...
Update as I’m typing this trying to start another match and test it I get another error booting me from the game “Sever shutting down - Internal Sever error” and a code:leaf (I didn’t even get a change to land!). No other players have mentioned this in matches, all enemy squads mow me down on sight while I can’t move and I can’t do anything.
Is anyone else dealing with this or is it just me?
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2021.12.09 07:17 qwerty98765432101 Can't wait until Thursday....My(48M) wife(44F) is going to be SHOCKED

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Posted by u/wllmwallace
Original (April 2019)
So, wife and I have been together 17 years. We are still stupid for each other, and she is the absolute love of my life, best friend, confidant, and co-conspirator. About two years ago she started having joint aches and pains, and some minor swelling in her hands, wrists, ankles, etc. So off we got to the GP, who gives us a consult to a Rheumatologist. Come to find out, she has rheumatoid arthritis, no worries, she starts treatment. Fast forward to a month ago, when our North Texas weather decided to go full mental, and start changing temps and rain/weather by the hour it seemed. She woke up after overnight temp changes and thunderstorms, and her hands were HUGE, worse, her small petite fingers looked like sausages. And even though she had been previously warned about this, had slept in her wedding ring. So, off to the doctors office....where they had to cut off her ring. So, now for the bad, our rings were special ordered from Ireland and custom designed, and have words in Gaelic around the exterior of the ring, negating any type of "repair", and they were designed and made......17 years ago. She was absolutely GUTTED. I assured her we would figure it out, and it wasn't a big deal, but I could tell, to her, it was.
Begin Sherlock Holmes Mode. I googled until I couldn't google anymore. I was able to find that the original jeweler had closed up shop 10+ years ago just due to age. I searched some more. I finally found his personal Facebook page, and I message him, and wait......and wait......
I finally get a response from his daughter, that she had noticed a pending message on her Da's page, and that he passed away just six months ago. I express my condolences, and she asks what was the purpose of my inquiry. I go into this long diatribe about what had happened, etc. She tells me she understands, and is so sorry about what had happened.
Fast forward a couple of weeks. I get a message on Facebook from an unknown person, until she explains this was the daughter of the jeweler. She explains that she went through all her dads designs and looked up the approximate dates, and thinks she found the drawings, details, and MOLDS in her dads things, and wanted me to confirm. She sent pictures, and I confirmed that YES - THOSE ARE OUR RINGS! She said she would get all of this to us as soon as possible, and asked for our address.
I open my email this morning to find tracking information, and pictures. OF OUR RINGS. She went ahead and had her BROTHER, who had taken over her fathers business make our wedding bands again, in her original size, and two extra in two larger sizes in case her condition causes her fingers to swell/change, and mailed them out to us, at no charge. I asked why they did both as mine was fine, and she said it would not be fair that my wife had to have a new ring, and I was allowed to keep my old one. She told me we needed to put our original set away, and to enjoy our new wedding bands. I asked about compensation, and she said she was honored to keep her dads work and spirit alive.
Our "New" Wedding Bands will be here Thursday.
Trying to think of romantic way to present her with them as she has NO IDEA any of this took place.
*Edit - I rarely keep anything from her, but didn't want to tell her I was trying only for her to be ultimately disappointed. The absolute hardest thing for me from now until they arrive will be to NOT tell her as we tell each other EVERYTHING. So now I not only need to figure out HOW to do this, but NOT to spill the beans until then. (Our friends nicknamed us Mickey and Mallory as well as Marshall and Lilly from "How I Met Your Mother", because we literally tell each other everything)
*Edit 2 - I thought about taking her to our local favorite restaurant, where I actually proposed to her, she's a nurse (VA Nurse - how we met 18 years ago), and so ALWAYS goes to the bathroom to wash her hands prior to ordering, when I originally proposed, I waited until she got up to wash her hands, dropped her ring in her wine glass, and...."waited" thinking of a repeat.
*Edit 3 - And to those of you saying "I" am awesome, not in the slightest. SHE is my world, she brought two sons to this add water family that were my pleasure to raise, and are now my best friends. She is the reason I breathe, and supported all of us when I went back to school to achieve my two doctorates to advance my career. She is my hero. I wake up every day to earn her all over again. This was one small thing I was able to do to bring her happiness, her joy is why I have a heartbeat. And I don't give a good flying f* at a rolling donut if I seem sappy. If a man isn't allowed to get sappy over his wife, he shouldn't have one.
TL;DR Wife had to have rings cut off due to swelling from arthritis, I went Hardy Boys and found original jeweler, who had passed away, daughter found original molds/order, and recreated rings without my knowledge and mailed them out. Was seeking advice on how to give her the new wedding bands.
So, I have just returned from lunch, where my wife received her new bands. We kept it low key, no pictures/video, and semi-private. What we did was planned to take her cut band to a local jeweler after lunch, and invited our two sons to lunch before the "appointment". While ordering, Oldest son asks to see the damaged/cut wedding band, saying he might be able to fix it, he takes it below the table and starts acting like he is squeezing and straining, and then places a complete "fixed" band on the table, and asks his mom if that works, she is ASTOUNDED, and places the band on her finger, is too big. Youngest son says he can fix THAT and asks for the band, wife reluctantly and with a look of "WTF is going on" on her face, hands the band to our youngest, he takes it below the table, and squeezes and strains, and makes it "smaller, but not quite perfect" when she puts it on. She is now trying to figure it out, and as she takes it off and starts to inspect it, I take it away from her and do the same "act" as our boys, but this time, the band fits PERFECTLY on her finger, and she has quite LITERALLY had enough! She finally takes it off, and is inspecting it pretty hard, and cannot figure it out.....until My oldest places her cut and older band on the table, our youngest places the too large band on the table, and I place the next size on the table. At this point she's just staring at all of us, and I explain what had happened, and how I was able to find the jeweler, etc. I even showed her the Reddit post. She didn't start crying until reading about the comments and all the caring and support you guys posted. Lunch was ordered, we all talked about everything, ate lunch as a family, parted ways back to respective work, home, etc.
She (wife) did mention that after reading all the replies, she would have KILLED me if I had gone full public display, and all that, so very thankful to those that suggested to keep it low key and semi-private.
So, about the jeweler. They responded to my email regarding posting the name/info, and would like to maintain their privacy. The oldest son IS making jewelry and doing repairs ONLY to catch up previous orders and work requests prior to their fathers passing. Once it is all caught up, they are closing it for good. They sent copies of the drawings and mold for our bands and we placed them in our safe at home in case this happens again, we can get something made/designed. I followed up asking if there was ANY way to repay their kindness, and haven't had a response. Regardless, my wife is planning on hitting up some local spots and making them a "Texan" Gift Package and sending it to them.
And that's it. She is extremely happy and overjoyed. I am really glad it's "over" as I had NO idea this would garner this much attention, and can now go back to our normal lives. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, and we are grateful to all the outpouring of genuine caring, thank you to everyone that sent Silver, Gold, and Platinum, it wasn't necessary but greatly appreciated.
***Edit - I keep reading comments about the Jewelers, and this being fake. The Daughter, Son, and an Uncle are all working part time to finish work that was commissioned prior to their fathers passing. From what was explained to me, none of them were, are, or plan to be in the jewelry business. So, take that however you want, I have tried to be as genuine as possible, and have ZERO reason to be dishonest. I really do feel sorry for the cynical way some people live life. Follow the old adage “If you can’t say something nice.....”
TL;DR - Took wife and sons to lunch, pretended to try and fix her band, sons helped in the scenario, wife was finally presented all three bands that were sent, and told about what had occurred.

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have fun
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2021.12.09 07:17 Separate_Pension1270 How to study with depression ?

Its soo hard i havent studied since i entered 10th grade(4monthsago) im the kid who always loved science but now its almost impossible to study i scored A grade in my 9th grade but i burned out i struggle with really bad depression as i have been bullied my whole childhood last time was so hard getting good grade anger drove me and i used to study 5-6 hours daily before exam but now my energy is all gone i cant even type this right i see no way out i dropped out of school because i excused my parents i could study by myself by studying online what can i do ? Therapy and medication is not in my access .
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2021.12.09 07:17 Flurex Copying Geo-nodes across projects?

Hello everybody,
Is there any way for me to copy geometry nodes between different objects in different .blend files?
Is it perhaps a functionality which is possible with the new asset browser? Or is it a more complicated process?
Any help is much appreciated. :)
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