My name made it to Know Your Meme, because of Poo Devourer, ain’t no way boy😭

2021.12.09 08:43 zahidilhan My name made it to Know Your Meme, because of Poo Devourer, ain’t no way boy😭

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2021.12.09 08:43 ScutumSobiescianum Best win of the season against Raptors for these reasons: away from home; came back from a big deficit (again); lost the lead and could’ve thrown in the towel but; came back with clutch plays; more consistent all round; shooting improving; team gelling more and more

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2021.12.09 08:43 goodallish Cumbrian wool?

A friend of mine is trying to source some Cumbrian wool that actually comes from Cumbria - can anyone help at all please? 🧶🤞🏼
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2021.12.09 08:43 Ok_Guide_7500 Am planning to build a bot that teaches people to protect private keys

As a Redditor, I have seen a lot of times scammers PM me when I post a query in Reddit threads. They say my wallet needs activation or re-validation, etc. And then they drive me into a website where they try to get access to my keys (Phishing, etc.)
I am building a bot that will PM people asking them to visit my website to re-validate their wallets. If anyone falls for the trap and clicks the link, the link will say them `You would have fallen for an attack where your wallet funds would have been lost. Never trust random websites and never enter your private keys in untrusted sources. Always double-check the website domain trustworthiness before performing any transactions.`
I want to take community opinion for the idea. Please feel free to critique it.
Would it be difficult to run the bot from one Reddit account? I suspect a lot of educated users might report the bot account as spam before realising that it is done with good intention. So, I feel Reddit may ban my account.
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2021.12.09 08:43 Hot_Bag_1690 Agree, disagree? Who is on your all-time Mount Rushmore of Rangers players?

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2021.12.09 08:43 Epiqur What non-video games do you play?

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2021.12.09 08:43 nadjahaen Bidding Option not availanle?

Hey guys,
is it just me or is the bidding option not available anymore? I know I used to put a bid in on shoes and wanted to do so again on other shoes but I just don't see the option anymore. Neither on the app nor on the website?
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2021.12.09 08:43 Dagger0025 100 Pieces Paper Clips{Expires 11/12} [Coupon:50P89AWS] (50% off) - $7.49

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2021.12.09 08:43 Comprehensive-Ask452 Falling in love with my crush like I never fell for anyone.

Is it somehow possible that he likes but because he has been ignoring his feelings and trying to focus on his work totally that he doesn't realize he likes me, because he has been helping me way too much he picks my call evrrytime replies to my texts, and we caught eyes multiple multiple times idk how that happened.
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2021.12.09 08:43 Noob_master_slayer How many stores/hawkers in the NTU campus support NFC payment or chashlesw payment?

Hi, I am an incoming freshman at NTU, and I've seen that NTU calls itself a "cashless campus". To what extent is it true, and if it is true, what payments are supported?
I have a NFC enabled phone, so will I be able to pay by NFC?
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2021.12.09 08:43 DukeMarius69 Unsure if I should tell the girl I am dating about my recent DUI

I will keep this short. I have been seeing a girl for a few months. She got out of a long term relationship last year. Her and I are casually dating. I have feelings for her, but she does not want to be in a relationship with anyone right now; as it is the first time she has been single in her adult life (7years with her ex).
However, last weekend, I got a DUI. No accident, but I blew a .15 and I live in MI. I am incredibly ashamed of myself. However, I am unsure about how to tell her… or when.
I am supposed to see her tonight, and get dinner. If I don’t drink, I can say “I am taking a break from drinking etc.” without context. But I know that if I continue to see her, it will come out eventually. For example, depending on what I get sentenced with, there will be several months where my license is either suspended or restricted. That would be difficult to hide; as well as the obvious fact that I am no longer drinking. And honestly it breaks my heart.
I just don’t know what to do. Any advice for me?
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2021.12.09 08:43 ComplexWorker4757 Hvad spiser rådyr?

Kære Hestenettet.
Jeg bor i nærheden af et grønt område i byen. Der er en lille flok dyr på en 5 stykker der er 'fanget' om man kan sige. De ser ud til at have det rigtig godt på trods af at være op til sti og vej. Når jeg går ned af en lukket sti løber de bare forbi mig uinteresseret.
Hvad er mine muligheder?

Jeg hælder lidt til at lægge noget ud til dem her i den kolde tid, men hvad er en afbalanceret kost til dyr?
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2021.12.09 08:43 DaddyBobMN EZ Pass Transponder mounting?

2016 owner here, just checking where folks who use them are mounting their EZ Pass transponders in relation to the large tinted area behind the rearview mirror mount on the windshield.
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2021.12.09 08:43 caltomoto China’s Evergrande officially defaults on dollar debt - how will this affect Bitcoin price?

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2021.12.09 08:43 Glittering-Airline-2 GPS for consoles

Hi, do you think GPS will ever come to console?
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2021.12.09 08:43 alc59 Raiders Beat

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2021.12.09 08:43 rawbias Arms of Redondo, Portugal

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2021.12.09 08:43 RocketPropellant-1 Boop

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2021.12.09 08:43 BelleAriel Good god, the Nazi sympathy is alive & well.

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2021.12.09 08:43 Unlikely_Repair_3925 I don’t know how to feel about this anymore

God I loved you more than I loved myself. And things happened and you chose her over me. In some off putting way, I let you. because i saw the way you looked at her when she was talking to other guys. The look on your face said more than words could ever. In that moment I thought to myself, “god, I wish someone could look at me that way” and that’s when I told you to go after her. And you did, rightfully. I assured you I’d always be there. Now, months later and you came back, but differently, as friends. you want to be friends. I’ve been going back and fourth of this is even good enough, worth it, or right. I know she doesn’t know you text me from time to time. If I was her I’d be mad, rightfully. Honestly, I don’t even know my own feelings. I want you here, but I’m a different person now. I don’t want you, but I want you. But you DIDNT look at me that way. But you let this go. And I know you’d understand if I let this go. but i dont want to. But It’s right, for you, me and her that i let this go. Because neither of us will. But i have to make a choice. I think I’m going to let this go. You made a choice and I grew from the person I was. I used to dream about our future and how our life would be, I’d never assume our outcome is completely in my hands now, and I just have to do the right thing even if it means putting myself through some pain. God I love you more than I love myself.
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2021.12.09 08:43 caligalus It’s a crime to steal from the rich—not from the poor /s

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2021.12.09 08:43 lss_bvt_ios_13 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2021.12.09 08:43 sj73degree Wrexham Lager BLUE is BACK!

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2021.12.09 08:43 Bontus YUROP is the home of the turbo roundabout

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2021.12.09 08:43 International_War442 Killer Friends

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