Actually soy boy

2022.01.29 01:20 RAG3RRZ Actually soy boy

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2022.01.29 01:20 Critical_Radish_7295 Transcript with person who I was teaching manifestation

Transcript with person who I was teaching manifestation
Q: Hi Bharat , I want to manifest something quickly, let's say money ? I want to manifest that I am receiving money from a source ? Can I do that
A: You can manifest money but independent of the source person. More is why you need money for example say you need to get something done with money , so imagine that you are able to see that activity getting done which is why you need money for. Let’s say you need to pay the rent, too imagine that the owner is saying thank you for sending him his rent.
You can always imagine your reality for yourself, never for someone else . You can see that your work is getting done, but you can't manifest that work is getting done because of another person in particular. Because his reality is different from yours. You can imagine your work getting done and it will be done in your reality independent of whether other people helped you or not.
Q: Why does it work ?
A: because seeing everything is a memory for you . And when you are imagining something you are actually trying to talk to yourself from a timeline where that memory exists . And when you trust that memories you are able to see , what happens is thoughts start coming to you from a timeline where you are in that memory. Manifestation is creating the memories before it happens . And faith in those memories will start sending you thoughts to reach those memories. Also you have to understand that all thoughts that are coming to you are from some Memories of the future. When you are manifesting something ,then you have to learn to shut off thoughts from other memories . Hence the tongue meditation helps you drop thoughts which are not aligned with your imagination .
Q. But sometimes exactly the opposite happens in reality of what we thought??
A: No it's not the opposite, it might be not clear or you might be in doubt or the time you thought of something will be at night. Sometimes we are not able to imagine regularly . We hope it happens. Hence you might not reach those memories you wanted to see.
Q.Can you give an example of how I should create something in the beginning ?
A: to create memories of you laughing so much by imagining your emotions, face, and people around you which you want to see that manifestation to be created. For example you talk to say friend or family person daily , Imagine that you tell them I can see all my thoughts are creating reality ,by imagining your emotions, voice of the time you are saying that line to the person and if you trust you will reach the memory than thoughts will start coming to help you reach the memory .
Q. But what’s the science behind it working ?
A. Because time is cyclic . Let me give an example . For today, say 3 memories can be created at the end of the day . You are imagining memories you are happy , sad ,or peaceful today. Then you are receiving thoughts from all 3 memories if you have not pre imagined what memories you want to see for yourself. Future is always trying to communicate with you backwards , but there’s not one future only, hence you have so many different thoughts of different vibrations that are coming towards you .Day dreaming is actually manifestation .But because the world has joked around daydreaming we have stopped creating our reality .
Q. Okay I want to create a manifestation for next 1 hour ? U know I have forgotten to feel emotions and imagine emotions ?
A. So you can create a memory of what you are telling , I understand why I am not feeling emotions. Your current memories of not able to feel and imagine emotion was because you were in pain and that reality you are currently holding on .Create memories of you being able to imagine you are feeling emotions and thoughts will come towards you which will get you to the memory . A simple thought can be to let’s go out for a walk , or talk to this person and it might be trying to actually come from where you are feeling emotions.
Q. What to do When sometimes stuck with not being able to imagine memories ?
A. Break it into two parts , first memories are when you are telling someone you are understanding why you are stuck .Then when you will reach the memories of understanding, then you can imagine the next part easily .Writing a memory is very powerful and helps us imagine things that we can , so try writing whatever you want to imagine. Seeing the world we have imagined from our education system was because we were writing down things which created the world for us to imagine .
Q,Why am I not able to see things like you do when It comes to manifestation ?
A. You don’t have any memories of seeing that you are always creating your reality .Just see before this conversation what your memories consisted of from your past that you have memories of always adapting to reality . And see our memories are a collection of what we had done most of the time . The new thing that you learnt today is just a new memory and to see that you have imagined more and more to create the probability of that memory getting created. From today you will receive thoughts from two memories one you are manifesting and other the previous way where you are not in control. But more thoughts from memories where you are not creating reality because before today memories of that probability were you always creating . So you have to imagine more and more that you are creating your reality because that memories exist in less reality .Hence by just imagining again and again you are trying to enter the new memories .
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2022.01.29 01:20 the_Ms_fortune_lover What happened to geotrax?

I remember seeing it in toys r us and they just disappeared, can someone tell me what happened to them?
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2022.01.29 01:20 Texas_Pedro A Puka Punch in the new mug. Aloha to the weekend

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2022.01.29 01:20 Splatt3rman Lunar event question: I didn't get the hat when I completed the 5 event missions, do I need to be a certain level?

Greenbeard who just started last week here. Completed the five missions, is there more I'm missing or should I have the hat already?
Thanks y'all, rock and stone!
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2022.01.29 01:20 Prestigious_Stop7347 so pmo can give you emotional numbness, like not feeling strong emotions but my problem is earlier it used to give me extra emotions instead of less , so I doubt if just nofap can heal my numbness and make me feel emotions again

Ik I’m posting about this topic the second time but I needed to specify something else too
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2022.01.29 01:20 NORDLAN This Wisconsin Lawmaker Is Ready to Quit the GOP Over Trump

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2022.01.29 01:20 grurples My beloved grape agate 🍇

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2022.01.29 01:20 throwaway009335 Was told my Toyota Corolla 2004 needed transmission fluid change. Mechanic refused to do it for fear of transmission busting out. Do I discount price I'm selling my car for due to this unresolved issue?

I own a 2004 Toyota Corolla with 130k miles on it. I have people offering to buy it for as high as $4500 and a dealership offering $1900.
Obviously, I'd rather sell to a private person. However I also want to be upfront about the transmission fluid issue. I just don't know how big of an issue that is because I got wildly different answers from mechanics ranging from "it's no big deal just change the fluid" to "if you change the fluid you will need a new transmission and if not the car will die".
I'm confused and want to be fair to a private seller while still making as much as possible out of the sale cause I need the $.
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2022.01.29 01:20 aliasad1998 La Dolce Vita. Deconstructing Fellini’s masterpiece.

Truly blown away when I think about what it must take to create a film like this. Thematically dense yet completely relentless during its entire three hour run time. Any attempt to deconstruct a work of art this complex without multiple rewatches, feels like a disservice.
La Dolce Vita almost feels like a condensed epic in the sense that it is comprised of various short stories/encounters that are linked together by our protagonist played by the charming Marcello Mastroianni. Hundreds of characters enter and depart. Each one unique in their philosophy and mannerisms. Each one leaving behind a striking impression on Marcello and the audience. Yet, before Marcello and the rest of us have had enough time to digest each experience, the next one follows. This is deliberate from Fellini. The rapid pace of the film drives home the idea that this hedonistic lifestyle leaves no room for introspection and philosophizing. Each encounter leaves it’s wound. Yet with each passing encounter, one becomes numb to the pain.
The search for gratification begins at dusk. Just as Marcello and Ekberg’s iconic scene at the waterfall ends with the break of dawn, so do most of the others. Unlike a Homeric epic in which chapters often commence with the first rays of sunlight tinting the night sky, chapters in Fellini’s epic conclude with the suns appearance. With the realization that the meaningless pursuit must be resumed at a later time. And of course the emptiness that follows.
This is perhaps Fellini’s most beautifully shot film yet. The contrast between Black and White appears to be more pronounced than in his other works. The backgrounds also seem blurrier. The obvious reason for this is to draw our attention towards the primary characters on screen. But perhaps Fellini is also saying something about extreme self-indulgence and its ability to numb one’s senses. The interest in the world around is lost, as pleasure gradually becomes the sole focus.
Fellini’s wardrobe choices here are intriguing. Especially when it comes to Anita Ekberg’s character. By adorning her with a pitch black dress and juxtaposing it against her bright white skin and light blonde hair (Which practically looks white because of the previously mentioned colour contrast), Fellini suggests that the world has taken advantage of her naïveté. She is one of the few truly “innocent” characters present in the film. However, Fellini uses her to convey that the solution is not gullibility. Virtuosity must be accompanied by faith, intelligence and humility. These are the keys to true self fulfillment.
Finally, let’s compare the intermezzo and the ending. Both consist of Marcello interacting with the young girl. Both these segments hold the key to understanding this film. In the intermezzo, Marcello is frustrated with the young girl and at first ignores her, but ultimately forces himself to hear her out. The capability to understand her is in him and we are presented with a touching scene where the two bond. The innocence that she represents resonates with Marcello. During the ending, the young girl shouts at Marcello but her words are drowned out by the wind and the sound of crashing waves. He is unable to decipher her. The uber-hedonistic lifestyle has decayed his soul to the point where he no longer possesses the innocence that is required to understand the girl. The endless pursuit of pleasure is not a fatal blow but a slow acting disease that plagues one until they forget what true contentment feels like.
Follow my Letterboxd if you want to keep up with everything I watch and write. It’s aliasad. Or click on the link to go to the review and my profile.
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2022.01.29 01:20 Any_Fact5440 If you suddenly turned into a Character from the show, Who would it be, and What would happen?

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2022.01.29 01:20 ShotOwnFoot I (28M) Just broke up with LDR girlfriend (26F). Feel sad and empty now. What to do?

We met each other back in end of 2020, and lasted until 2022 Jan. For privacy reasons, I can't tell what happened but now that it has happened what should I do now? I feel like down and trying my best to recover.
Still love her and really tempted to ask her back but if we get back together again we would just be arguing again.
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2022.01.29 01:20 ZambianJoel What is this random thing I’m growing? It just looked interesting and I put it in a pot. My wife thinks I’m wasting my time. Help? Found near San Francisco. Thank you.

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2022.01.29 01:20 xChainSaw87 New YouTube vid about the DH is up

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2022.01.29 01:20 Effective-Rub3269 Sonagram technician- thoughts?

If anyone is I’d like to hear your experience and thoughts and if you enjoy it? I know someone who is and hates it and I’m looking into it but I’m a bit leery. I did hear that obgyn is super fascinating and I’m thinking that angle would interesting to explore.
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2022.01.29 01:20 Responsible-Motor906 SOY

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2022.01.29 01:20 Proffessional_Human I accidentally posted this to r/engorgedveinybreasts 💀

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2022.01.29 01:20 JustTheRealNews Speaker Pelosi Remarks at Bay Area Democrats Deliver for Airports Infrastructure Event

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2022.01.29 01:20 AttakapasMike That piano at the end of This Is Who We Are by As I Lay Dying makes me feel things ngl

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2022.01.29 01:20 eracenegthoughts KrDrank?

Anyone hear from him or talk to him on here? I contacted him in November about a piece.. he got right back to me we discussed it and talked price. Never heard from him again. I previously purchased from him so I’m kinda curious if he’s ok..
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2022.01.29 01:20 Tippertimmer How to look emo/alt and still pass as a man?

I love the whole aesthetic of piercings and hair dyed in funny colors but I’m really scared that I won’t pass if I do it. I know that bulking up and getting muscle will help so if I do decide to dye my hai get piercings I’d do that, but what are some other tips for ensuring I’ll still pass?
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2022.01.29 01:20 jmarquez3725 Collection over the years. Let me know what you guys think. All feedback is good feedback

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2022.01.29 01:20 Visual_Run_5992 Power Levels

So just how powerful is a Gravity Shifter in general? I want to take the time to really breakdown their strengths and feats with evidence provided from the games and overture animation. If I am wrong or misunderstood something, please call me out on it.
We're going to focus on their Base Abilities and Special attacks Kat and Raven share. Next, their unique/enhanced attacks that separate them. Then, their feats and finally possible discrepancies I've found. Overall, what a shifter COULD be capable of using who we know as examples.
Base Abilities

They are also resistant to any fall damage as evident to Kat falling down the World pillar unconscious, twice( introduction into the game and her fall to Bountoume) and the many times the player drops her from the limit of the sky box to the lowest physical platform to land on.

They can also adjust the speed at which they fall. Either stay falling at terminal velocity or make themselves heavier Speed is also influenced by the 2 Gravity Styles (will be discussed later).
Expends energy to use.
Doesn't require much energy to use.
Can be influenced by gravity styles.

Can be influenced by gravity styles
Special Abilities
It's powerful for just a short term super form.
Unique and Enhanced Abilities Piercing Throw: A new charged throw attack for stasis that becomes a homing rocket that attacks multiple enemies when thrown.
Blood Talons: Raven's unique version of the gravity kick whereas instead of ping-ponging off one enemy, you can become a drill to continuously damage an enemy until they're dead. All without it being an special move.
Blue Jays: Raven's charged version of stasis field. She creates her own set of projectiles that won't disappear until she throws them and can have up to at least eighteen in total, while also picking up other objects with her stasis field. She can rain death on anyone at a distance.

High Pressure: Raven's special move which... I'm not sure how to describe it accurately. From what I can gather, she warps gravity in a way where she can force anything away in front of her at a distance(Kat), catch anything in a firm grasp(the school bus and Sea Anenome) or crush it(against waves of enemies or on the hanging roots to hurt Nushi).
So basically, her special move gives her free control of whatever is in front of her.

Gravity Typhoon: The 2nd special move you get and Kat summons rocky spikes from... somewhere nd launches them in waves. Pretty good when you have nothing to grab around you, so now you can summon it and use it to great effects (at least in the first game.
Micro-Black Hole: The third unlockable special move and its as it says. Kat literally causes an event horizon and becomes a black hole that can trap practically any enemy in it into non-existence. Need to wipe the screen of enemies away? BOOM! Black hole! Need I say more as to why this is so powerful?

Gravity Styles: Introduced in the 2nd game, Lunar and Jupiter styles introduces new powers and movements. One is light and fast while the other is heavy and strong.
Lunar makes Kat super light to near Zero-Gs. Gravity kicks becomes the Wormhole kick which is basically a teleport to catch speedier enemies. This is the style that focuses more on speed for aerial combat and long jumps without having to shift gravity. Although the drawback are weaker strikes, and slower shifting speeds(ironically).
Jupiter does the exact opposite making Kat so heavy she's not as agile and have less control.. Making Kat into a tank, she doesn't evade, but instead can block. This styles on slow and heavy strikes. The gravity kick becomes the Surge Kick that causes large radius damage depending on the charge time.
These new styles also change up your current move set.
Lunar style makes the gravity slide slower and makes big turns because you have little wait to throw around. Jupiter makes you go zoom while providing much more sharper turns(ironically better controls).
Lunar changes the charged stasis into a Vortex field, which make the thrown object swarm around the target briefly immobilizing them with damages. Jupiter condenses objects into a large ball pf debris and acts as a bigger missile.
Notable Points Immunity to extreme changes in gravity. The gravity storms play a big part in the franchise and the fact they can enter and exit and suffer no negative side effects is a plus. Especially in delving pools. I suspect there were physical changes to their bodies to make them more sturdier considering they're most likely going to be high up in the air.
Their 2 vs 2 fight in the overture animation showed them physically leaping from air and bounce around like their trying to copy Strider's ragnarok move.
Their guardian is their main source of power. Without it, they can't shift. If their ill, their poewrs get disrupted to having short shifting time.
And apparently being shifter gives one a big appetite so they need to eat more to more burn energy they have.
Discrepancies There are a few I've found and I'd like to get a clear answer for.
Damage: Fall from thousand of stories in the air? No harm. Get trash thrown at you by angry civilians? Bloody nose. Basically I don't know just how durable they are in comparison to how powerful they can be.
This is not even counting the side mission where Chad had Kat kicking explosive boxes for a test, nor surviving lightning strikes from Elektricitie.
Special Moves: Special moves being locked under the new styles in the 2nd game. Doesn't make much sense. Neither does Raven's High Pressure or Blue Jays. Mostly on the matters on how they're constructed or made possible.
Or the fact Kat never turned into a giant gravity panther again like in the first game's finale.
Gravity Energy: So remember how Kat summoned the Ark in the first game? How she just threw a ball of gravity at Gade? I'm still stuck on how she just condensed gravity into a ball and just threw it. Which calls into question what kind of energy is being used to power these abilities.
Gravity Sphinx: Only used twice individually. Once in dlc and main story. This is to see how strong ONE shifter is. Not a pair or 2 people who were once one.
Warping: No. Not the fast travel system. I'm talking about going out of bounds and teleporting Kat back to Hekesville. Or Raven's special power to teleport you back when you encounter her during your descent into the world tree. Which, might I remind you, never came up again.
In Conclusion Gravity is freaking terrifying. With the amount of abilities showcased to us, just how powerful would you say a shifter is? How powerful are Kat and Raven respectively? May need to make a separate post for that very question.
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2022.01.29 01:20 LordEmerus Like is rough right now

I lost soldier in Afghanistan and I can't seem to get over it life is so fragile. He was right out of high-school and killed along a supply route that was ambushed. It fucked me up and I resulted in using alcohol to resolve my problems even though it won't bring him back. I feel like a failure. How was I I suppose to tell how parents how it happened I fucking failed. I need help. I can't hold it on anymore. I'm lost. What can I do. This has ruined my fucking life. What can I do.? I fucking failed.
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2022.01.29 01:20 SignalGlittering4671 The Next Recession Is Coming....2024
alternative link behind barrons paywall
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